The sessions

How it works?

Alexander classes are always customised, one-to-one sessions.

The 45-minute session consists of two parts:

1. relaxing the tense parts of the body

Relaxing the tense partsAlexander technique

2. learning how to use our body optimally while doing everyday activitites

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During the Alexander lesson:

  • we learn to use the spine effortlessly, in harmonically, without pain
  • we learn to sense and relieve all the tension that has built up in our body unnoticesss throughout the years
  • we can realise our bad habits and learn how we can change them

An Alexander session is recreation and learning at the same time.

Generally, you can feel a decrease of pain and improvement of your posture after one or two sessions, as your body relaxes and you move easier.

Alexander sessions are effective and enjoyable for all ages!