Opinions about the Alexander technique:

I had been affected by back aches, sore necks and bad posture for 15 years. Thanks to the Alexander technique I feel relaxed and I am released in my muscles and joints. Although my days are very stressful, the Alexander Technique offers me a way to get rid of tensions.

- Zoltán Lehel

Business leader

Thanks to the Alexander Technique my backpain disappeared in some weeks and I am a lot more relaxed at work.

- Márta Horváth

English teacher

I had been affected by chronic vocal cord problems that did not disappear in spite of several operations. Then I turned to Csilla Pálos as a last resort to find a treatment. The Alexander Technique turned out to be effective and helped me to realise to what extent I accumulated tensions in my neck muscles and in my throat.

- Réti Csaba

IT expert

The Alexander Techique made it possible for me to live without pain. I had worked as a nurse for 10 years in a hospital where I had to help move patients every day, thus I often had backaches and sometimes it was so acute that I couldn't even sit, stand or walk and I had to take painkiller drugs regularly.
Thanks to the Alexander technique I have learnt new effective ways to do my everyday activities and thus to live without pain. Whenever I forget to apply the Alexander Technique my backaches come back but now I know how to cure myself.

- Horváth Blanka